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Standard Technology Support

The standard technology support that will be provided at CHI 2005 is described below.

Design Expo, Interactivity, Panels, Papers, Short Papers

  • Computer Support
    Presenters are encouraged to bring their own laptops for their presentation. A limited number of computers may be available at sessions for those who request them. CHI 2005 is also working with local vendors to provide on-site rentals of PCs and Laptops.
  • Audio Support
    A clip-on, podium, or table microphone for each presenter, and a connection from the computer sound output to the room audio.
  • Visual Support
    Non-simultaneous projection of 35mm slides, overheads, NTSC and PAL video (VHS), and computer displays with resolution up to 1024 by 768 pixels.

Development Consortium, Doctoral Consortium, Special Interest Groups, and Workshops

  • Visual Support
    Overhead projector only.

Non-Standard Technology Support

If you have requirements that will not be met by the standard computer and audiovisual support listed above, specify them along with your submission. See the Checklist for the category to which you are submitting for details. Examples of such requirements include: wireless microphones, high resolution projection (greater than 1024 by 768 pixels), simultaneous projection from multiple sources, external telephone lines, workstation (rather than PC) support, Internet access, the ability to play audio cassettes or CDs, and so on. Please describe your requirements as specifically as possible. Your request for additional support will be considered but cannot be guaranteed.

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